Riccardo Giorato

Hi, there!

I'm Riccardo Giorato.

I'm a Software Engineer, Mentor and Content Creator from Italy.


  • Frontend: React, NextJS, Typescript, TailwindCss, Emotion, Storybook.
  • Backend: GraphQL, Prisma, PostgreSQL, SanityCMS, Serverless Functions.
  • Cloud and IaC: Vercel, Netlify and AWS CDK with AWS.

What do I believe most?

  1. Team Happiness: always focus on increasing happiness of my colleagues to improve Team iteration speed.
  2. Automate the boring stuff: automate testing with End to End tests to prevent new bugs and to give people more time to be creative!
  3. Cache and CDN: just do the work once and then cache it globally, saving energy, time, and less pollution!
  4. Speed: make apps/sites faster for anyone in the world from Africa to South East Asia, not only Europe or the US.
  5. Remote Work: working remotely gives the freedom to move and explore any place in the world!

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