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Where in the World?

I'm from Padua(Padova), Italy in Europe.


♻️ 2021

  • CreatedCypress-for-Everything, it's a collection of Tutorials and Examples of complex end to end tests made withCypress
  • Launched my own Mentoring solution calledMentoMento, helped more than 20 developers to find their next job or improve their skills.
  • Switched toAmusi @ Neulabs from Tramundi, while being part of the same team and investors. Working as a Remote Software Engineer with AWS CDK, Lambda and Next.js.
  • Launched the new version of this website and blog on the end of April!

✅ 2020

  • JoinedTramundi @ Neulabsworking as a Remote Software Engineer with AWS, Lambda and Gatsby.
  • JoinedAtoms Studioworking on web apps with JAMStack and Vuejs as a Full Stack Engineer.
  • Mentored more than 10 young developer to get started with their tech career using the MentorCruise platform.

✅ 2019

  • JoinedDianabuilding internal tools with React, GraphQL and PostgreSQL as a Junior Front-End Engineer.
  • Joined Better Programming on Medium as a writer for web development articles and tutorials.

✅ 2018

  • Joined Uqido as a Junior XR Developer exploring new fields of Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • Graduated from University of Padova in Computer Science. 🎓
  • Spoke at GoogleDevFest2018 in Venice. 🎤

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