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Published on 2021-08-05

My Learning Roadmap to the end of 2021

The list of the things I plan on doing/learning before the end of the year

Published on 2021-06-15

Jimini's – Pasta and Snacks made with insects like Crickets πŸ¦—, Grasshoppers and more πŸ›?

The future of food are insects? Can you buy them online? How do they taste?

Published on 2021-06-14

DAILY STRONGER - getting a better body πŸ’ͺ and mind 🧠 each day!

12 months of constant transformation, done daily. Progress can be done only little by little.

Published on 2021-06-13

Plenny Shake Review (2021) - How does it taste? Should you buy it? One meal cost?

The best meal shake alternative, less time cooking and more nutrients for less than 1.5€ euros meal!

Published on 2021-06-11

How to transfer Conflux CFX to Binance

Transfering mined CFX to Binance can be done simply thanks to TRX and USDT coins!

Published on 2021-06-09

What I like about blogging?

Writing in a blog for me helps to write down ideas or to experiment

Published on 2021-06-08

Where can I find new coins to GPU or CPU mine?

Every single month I find myself looking for new crypto coins to mine. So here's a list of places to go look and find new ones! - updated 2021

Published on 2021-06-02

Remote work from Jesolo Italy 2021

Learn how to live as a 🏝 DIGITAL NOMAD πŸ’» in Jesolo Lido: where to find an accomodation, where to work, where to have fun and more!

Published on 2021-06-01

How to mine BitTorrent (BTT) in 2021 with a Mac?

Learn how to mine BitTorrent (BTT) directly with your Mac, you wont need an Nvidia GPU.

Published on 2021-04-23

A new blog to start!

A blank canvas to start!

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