DAILY STRONGER - getting a better body 💪 and mind 🧠 each day!

12 months of constant transformation, done daily. Progress can be done only little by little.

By Riccardo Giorato in dailystronger project fitess brain
Published on Mon Jun 14 2021

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What's this?

A public project that will make me focus and improve the current and future status of my body and brain for the next 12 months.

A project with just two simple goals

  1. Body 💪: Doing at least 5 minutes of body workouts every single day (fullbody or not, using my bodyweight, weights or other accesorries).
  2. Brain 🧠: Doing at least 5 minutes of meditation, can be done with audio, low-fi sounds, guided meditations or just by writing down my thoughts on a document.

Both goals will need a timer to measure the minimum required time. If I will want to do more I will be able to! The challenge is only on reaching these tiny daily goals.


I will document my progress as it follows:

  1. 📝 Google Sheet document where I will write my daily progress and achievements and related challenges: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets.
  2. 📑 At least 1 monthly article in this blog tagged with the category "dailystronger" to document my daily and monthly progress.

Extra challenges

The project is mostly defined by the previously outlined goals. To make it more interesting I will also do these things each month:

  1. prepare a list of challenges to complete during that month with a proper weekly planning
  2. document these challenges in the previous document

Aren't these goals boring or not good?

  1. Two simple goals to complete daily mean: less friction, less excuses and less time spent planning or doing these things.
  2. We all have a single body and brain connected, without caring about one you can't have the other working fully well; you need to keep them in synch.


  • Start of the project on the 1st of July 2021.
  • End next year on 1st of July 2022.

These dates are needed cause I will combine and document the complete transformation in this blog.

⚠️ The next two paragraphs are mainly written for anyone that will consider this project stupid or dumb or not creative enough.

Why posting it here? And why making it public?

Making it public will help me with:

  1. Accountability: it's out there on the web and it'll add a bit of social pressure.
  2. Public: being public means I will share various google sheets files with my progress publicly written on it.
  3. Inspire: hopefully is going to inspire others to try to do similar challenges.

Why not simply doing these things without a "project"?

I love trying to plan, improve things and I never tried a long term project publicly focusing only on the most core essentials things we all have (brains and bodies). This will be a new challenge for me and that's all it really matters for me.