My Learning Roadmap to the end of 2021

The list of the things I plan on doing/learning before the end of the year

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Let's try to keep it simple!

What are the main areas of focus for me in the following months until the end of 2021?

  1. AWS
  2. Big Data, AI and ML


  1. AWS Cloud Practicioner Certificate:
  2. AWS CDK Development with Serverless-Stack
  3. AWS Lambda parallel jobs for all types of workloads requiring Chrome instances(cypress, playwright, lighthouse testing, JSON-LD testing, all sort of other jobs that can be automated and scale linearly or exponentially)

Big Data, AI, ML

  1. Google Data Analytics Certificate:
  2. 30 Days of ML Kaggle:
  3. Kaggle Courses:
  4. Machine Learning Crash Course:
  5. FastAI:

Personal Projects to work on

  1. Serverless AWS Lambdas running as a SaaS to fulfill various "developers needs" explained previously
  2. Fitness and Workout tracking, linked to my challenge "DAILY STRONGER"
  3. Blog articles on Web Development more in line with the approach of "swyx"