Plenny Shake Review (2021) - How does it taste? Should you buy it? One meal cost?

The best meal shake alternative, less time cooking and more nutrients for less than 1.5€ euros meal!

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Published on Sun Jun 13 2021

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What's Jimmy Joy Plenny Shake?

It's a complete, tasty and affordable food with minimal impact on your time and wallet.

Disclaimer: I reviewed the "Plenny Shake v3.0", the current version Q2 2021, they keep improving their formulas so if you read this in the future you might have bit different experiences.

What does Plenny Shake contains?

One meal of Plenny Shake provides you 20% of the daily recommended intakes for all macronutrients and micronutrients your body needs to function well: proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and more than 20 essential vitamins and minerals plus two small but powerful ingredients: probiotics and choline.

The main sources of its proteins are provided by:

  • soy protein isolate.
  • oats.
  • soy flour.
  • flaxseeds.

You will get around 400 kcal with two scoops of plenny. I usually have two scoops with super cold water and then eat some fruits to complete my quick meals with Plenny.

Here's a picture of the powder inside the boxes, the flaxseeds are completely ground so you cannot see any seed particle or feel them when drinking.

the powder inside the boxes of Plenny

Why is it good?

I tried all these brands meal shakes and this is my current ranking of them:

  • 🏆 Jimmy Joy Plenny Shake, rating 9/10, the best shake I ever had up to now!
  • Bertrand, old formula in 2018, rating 8/10 felt great and feels supernatural with tiny grains and nice taste!
  • Mana, formula 2020, rating 7/10, drinking it always felt like drinking flour even after shaking it for minutes.
  • Alpha Foods from Amazon Vegan Proteins, rating 2/10, it wasn't drinkable and felt horrible! Don't buy alpha foods from Amazon and save some money to try Jimmy Joy shake!

And the winner is... 🏆 Jimmy Joy Plenny Shake felt the best! The closest one was probably Bertrand but I tried it ages ago.

The Taste

Plenny feels super good, the taste of the different flavors feels real and not something entirely chemically made or with strange smells. My favorite flavors are:

  • banana, 10/10
  • strawberry, 10/10
  • vanilla, 8/10

I haven't tried the chocolate or the other flavors yet.

Strawberry box of plenny shake

The Price

A single box will cost you around €14.00, within 10 meals and 8000 total kcal. Just 1.40€ for 1 meal!

Let's do a quick comparison with other "meal alternatives brands" like Huel:

  • Bertrand, 2.38€ x meal
  • Huel, 2€ x meal
  • Mana, 1.57€ x meal
  • Plenny Shake, 1.4€ x meal

And the winner again is... 🏆 Jimmy Joy! The Plenny Shake is also the least expensive but also the one with the best taste, it's a no brainer for me to choose this brand over and over again!

Buy I'm not a fanboy, I am still looking for other brands that will come in the market.

I hope to discover new brands in this space with more innovative ingredients, if you find new ones to try just let me know on Twitter!

Would you like to try it?

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