Remote work from Jesolo Italy 2024

Learn how to live as a 🏝 DIGITAL NOMAD 💻 in Jesolo Lido: where to find an accomodation, where to work, where to have fun and more!

By Riccardo Giorato in travel remote work jesolo digital nomad
Published on Wed Jun 02 2021

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Why is Jesolo a good place for Remote Workers?

Lots of new Real Estate buildings/villages

In the last few years Jesolo Lido has been fueld by huge investments and going around the city center you can see many constructions sites on each block.

We stayed in May 2021 and we had seen more than 5 constructions site just around our apartment a bit off the center area, in central areas they can be many more.

Here's a quick list of just a few apartments currently selling or available to be rented; all of them look incredible and tend to cover really high price points.

A 4-room flat of 130m2 with 2 bathroom listed for 895,000€

Four room flat in Jesolo Cortellazzo Pineta

A 5-room flat with 2 bathroom and 3 rooms listed for 890,000€

Jesolo Residence The Summer Houses

This boom of new buildings doesn't mean you will need to go in these crazy expensive ones, it means that you will have a lot of choices for new apartments to stay in and lot of comeptition menas lower prices.

To find accomodations you can look on these websites:

  1. JesoloHolidayRent: the best local provider with a ton of apartments, we stayed in one of their apartments and it was awesome!
  2. Airbnb, the only one!
  3., some of these ask long contracts, not just 1 or few months, check the description if they require longer term contracts.

Discounts for accomodation in off season

You have 3 different tier of prices in Jesolo or in near coastline cities like Caorle or Lignano.

  1. 💵 Cheap months are from January to April and October to December; 600€-800€/month.
  2. 💵💵 Medium months are May and September, these will be the best months to find more sunny weather; 800€-1000€/month.
  3. 💵💵💵💵 The most expensive months are the summer months or June-July-August, here the prices are 3/4 times higher than the other 2 periods; 3000€-4000€/month.

Food, resturants and relax!

During hot months from May to September walking along the beach feels incredible and the soft breeze makes you want to jump in the water

Jesolo sea view from the beach

We are in Italy you will find incredible Pizza 🍕

Two Pizzas one with pepperoni/salame and another custom one

The City Center and the chilly sides

As you can see in this image there are a few areas to remember:

  1. the centeral area is the city center, in black, there you will find most of the bars/resturants and more expensive hotels and apartments.
  2. on the chilly sides you will find a bit less movment, less shops or bars but more cheaper solutions, in the two blu squares.
  3. finally the biggest supermarket are located near the city center with the biggest stores being Lidl or Famila or Aldi, in the green circular area.

Jesolo annotated map for digital nomads

Our experience in May 2021

Work Macbook with a background view of a new construction site

Work Macbook with a background view of a construction site

View from our apartment from Saint Tropez residence, Jesolo VE

View from our apartment from Saint Tropez residence, Jesolo VE

Total cost of working remotly in Jesolo

  • around 1000€ for 2 person, or 800€ for 1 person in less "hot" months like May or September
  • around 200 to 300€ of food
  • going out to bars or resturants can be a bit more pricy than other cities in Italy around 10€ for normal pizza and around 15€ for stranger ones(with more things on top) but going to bars can be really cheap if you find good spots(mostly cause you have so many bars trying to get you to drink there)

Total "drafted" cost: 1300-1500€/month in 2, 200€ less if alone.

This is just a draft or a quick reference to understand if you are looking for apartments and you might have found to crazy expensive solutions.

360 view of the beachfront