What could help me do more deep work or fitness?

How is my routine? Can I make it better?

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What do I want to help or improve?

I would love to improve in a few areas:

  1. Deep Work sessions on highly impactful projects or activites
  2. Fitness related to posture, strenght, and movement

Deep Work sessions

How can I improve my deep work sessions?

  1. timeblocking before work, before work I always go walking but I lose extra time waiting in front of my computer doing other things.

  2. timeblocking during work, I don't usually follow pomodoros sessions but I can do it also because I should do more activites during the 9to5 hours like 10 pushups every 25 minutes!

  3. timeblocking after work, most of the time I will have to "cook"/"buy grocieries"/"work on personal project or learning"/"just chill?"

  4. tasks planning with Jira at work and Trello for personal stuff, removing distractions and planning which specific tasks will I work on without more context switching