What I like about blogging?

Writing in a blog for me helps to write down ideas or to experiment

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Why blogging and not videos or tiktoks?

Writing feels more personal and more private.

You don't watch right into a camera, you don't expose yourself too much.

It's also maybe the fastest way cause you can just typeout some words and you don't need to worry about framing, color balance, audio noise, fixing the timing or peace.

What is brining me back to blogging?

  1. Experiments! With a blogpost I can document my progress or experiments.
  2. Reviewing and helping other find great products/experiences/things to do or places to visit.
  3. Passive reaching out, people will google stuff and maybe find my content but even if they don't find me I'm happy cause the content will be present anytime, won't disappear after 10 minutes like most of TikTok uploaded daily.

What do I want to do less with blogging?

  1. Going to simple on articles, without helping the end user.
  2. Not experementing on myself or going too easy with ideas and tests! Try things and move fast!
  3. Stopping this trend after a few weeks, I'm in this for the long term. Even if I don't rememebr how to write perfectly now I will practice each month getting better weekly.

Action Items to act on now

  1. Publish this article!
  2. Find 10 experiments to try!
  3. Plan and try 3 experiments from these 1o in the next 30 days (one each 10 days)!