Where can I find new coins to GPU or CPU mine?

Every single month I find myself looking for new crypto coins to mine. So here's a list of places to go look and find new ones! - updated 2021

By Riccardo Giorato in crypto mining
Published on Tue Jun 08 2021

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Top 5 websites to find new cryptocurrencies to mine:

Ordered by discovery grade, finding the best coins for you!

Places you won't find new coins (IMHO, just my opinion)

  • reddit communities, they all try to sponsor too much specific coins or too mainstream ones
  • discord communities, usually full of messages and makes it harder to track the new coins or measure their share of the market

Coin Market Cap

One of the largets websites to track cryptocurrencies values and the whole market of crypto. Even if pricing tracking and other market stats are its main feature you can find only coin possible to mine using the filters here: coinmarketcap.com

Discovery grade: 9/10


Brought to you by the famous "2miners" pools, it highlights almost only the coins you will be able to mine from 2miners. You can easily get custom links to share with friends or on social media for your specific grafic card, in this case an Nvidia 2080 GPU or go directly here: 2cryptocalc.com

Discovery grade: 9/10


This is the most ugly but also probably the most straight to the point to show you how many pools or how much hashrate each coin is having currenlty next to the coin prices: miningpoolstats.stream

Discovery grade: 8/10


WhatToMine is probably the most famous webiste to find coins to mine. They showcase ton of coins but they tend to vary at most once every month. access here: whattomine.com

Discovery grade: 7/10


This has one of the best UI but it's focused too much on showing too many options like Nicehash or other multi-coin pools, and sharable GPU links, again like this for a 2080 GPU They help you find pools to earn more but with less off the trends coins, access here: minerstat.com

Discovery grade: 5/10